MYWOW About us

My WOW is a platform for people to share post service feedback. There are loads of web portals for information on new launches and helping a customer for purchasing a new car & but there is no platform where customers can share their ownership experiences .The complaints that one faces in their vehicles or the dealer ship experiences when you give your vehicles for servicing at dealerships . To make the process easy for customers to share their ownership experiences we have created sections vehicle complaints & dealer service feedback to capture the experience with few clicks.

We at My WOW also wants to capture accidental scene in the Indian Market thus creating a data base to identify the major issues in the vehicle presently available in the Indian market. The data than be used by customers to identify the complaints faced by the others owners of the same brand for any potential failures in their vehicles.

The Indian automobile scene is changing and Vehicle recall is a reality with millions of cars getting recalled in the past few years. We at my wow have summarized the recalls in Indian automobile sectors in the last decade and representing the same through the graphical interface.