Complaints in Media

Mywow has gathered recent car complaints that are going around, whether its in the media or the car owners sharing their cases on social media platforms, we have put together recent articles, posts for the users to know what all kinds of latest vehicles' issues that are floating around. We have divided the recent news and posts in the categores given below...

All Complaints

There have been many road incidents that stir up the news. View the recent cases.

Vehicle Fire

The most incidents that have caused news in the media or social media, are that of vehicles catching fire. View the recent 'Fire' complaints.

Airbag Deployed

There are many incidents, where the car's airbag doesn't work as it is supposed to. View the recent 'Airbag' cases.

Fuel Leakage

View cases of car complaints in media, that are about the issue of Fuel Leakage.